Valid, invalid, valid

Purpose: When manipulating the DOM tree it is quite likely that at some instant the document will be invalid such as during a chain of operations. The SVG specification states:

"Because of situations where a block of scripting changes might cause a given SVG document fragment to go into and out of error, error processing shall occur only at times when document presentation (e.g., rendering to the display device) is updated"

A similar requirement exists regarding unsuspend / suspend redraw. This test checks that behaviour.

Operation: There is a box and a circle. Initially the circle is animated and should move to the right. After 1.5s it should be half way across. At this point the animation element is moved to the rectangle. At this point the animation points to an invalid attribute. This attribute is then updated to be valid again.

Expected results: The circle moves half way across the region and then the rectangle moves half way across. There should not be any errors reported in the Javascript console either.