Web Animations @ html5j 2013

Over the weekend I had the chance to speak about Web Animations at the HTML5 conference 2013 in Tokyo. I put a fair bit of work into the presentation so I thought I’d put up an English version of the slides (including videos of the demos) in case they’re useful to someone else looking for a gentle introduction to Web Animations.

I ran out of steam when producing the last few slides so it kind of ends with a fizzle but I put a fair bit of work into the other ones so hopefully it’s entertaining. Although you can’t tell from the slideshare version most of the slides include animation somewhere and most of the pictures are made with SVG so I think it looked pretty.

View the presentation slides

In the rare chance that you’re reading this blog directly or the syndicator didn’t eat this bit, you can view the slides right here:

(If you’re curious there’s the HTML version too. But be warned that it doesn’t have explanatory notes like the slideshare version; it won’t work in Chrome since it makes heavy use of scoped styles; and one animation relies on enabling mixed-blend-mode which is only in Aurora or Nightly, see bug 902525.)

(日本語の資料ももちろんあります!イベントの配信、 分かりやすくしたスライド, 原本のHTML版のスライドをご覧ください。)

2 Responses to “Web Animations @ html5j 2013”

  1. Šime Vidas says:

    Have you considered making small screencasts (~5-10min) which would cover (part of) the content from those slides?

  2. Brian says:

    Hi Šime, thanks for your comment. What do you have in mind? There are some little screencasts within the presentation. Do you mean making them into standalone videos?

    (Something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvNQNtIfXXI ? The information in that video is old however)

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